I absolutely adore the little family that God has given me. They are the greatest tangible blessing in my day-to-day life.

My wife's name is Shanta. I met her shortly before she left home for college. Less than a year later, we were married and now, by God's grace, we're enjoying our 13th year of marriage. Shanta's a sweetheart who loves spending her free time cooking, watching Grey's Anatomy, and being Mom to Luke and Lyssa.

Luke is our oldest child and he's 10 years old. He has a huge, incredible heart and is quite smart. He's a talented dancer, loves playing sports, and sings in the fifth grade choir at his school. But, don't get him wrong, he's a bundle of energy and fun. Not too long ago he became a big brother and he's absolutely incredible as one! He loves bigger than his stature can contain and I'm always amazed by and proud of my son.

Our newest addition is our daughter Lyssa. She's now over 2 years old and an absolute joy in every way! We asked God for her for many, many years and honestly still have a hard time believing she's here some days. It's been a blast watching another child develop, take her first steps, and start to speak her own phrases. We can't wait to see who and what she becomes.

We recently purchased a home in Northwest Tucson and are excited that this is the place we get to call HOME!



There's no way to describe who I am without speaking about the grace of God I've experienced through Jesus Christ.

I gave my life to Christ from an early age, but I didn't understand the gravity or implications of His call until many years later. Nevertheless, I felt the call to pastor at the age of 7. I spent many years running from this call as it (rightfully) scared me to death. But as the love of a perfect Father, God never stopped pursuing me and in my mid-twenties I finally surrendered to Him and this calling.

I've devoted my years ever since to knowing God more intimately and helping others know Him as well. Few things bring me greater joy than seeing Christ move in my life or the lives of those I'm invested in.

The goal of my life is simply to make God proud.

That correlates to every aspect of my life and work as I strive to bring excellence to all that I do.


Life is a sprint, not a marathon. Therefore, it's crucial that we spend time relaxing, recharging, and having fun whenever possible, as it helps us gear back up for the next run. In my spare time, I have a few things that seem to refuel the tank.

One of the main things I enjoy is getting out on one of my bikes! I absolutely love mountain biking and try to get in as much training on the trails around Tucson as possible. But, I also enjoy putting in miles on my road bike as time allows. The bottom line is, any time in the saddle is good time!

I also enjoy de-stressing a little bit by jamming out on a drum kit. I'm not a professional drummer by any stretch, but I've learned enough to have fun and play alongside various bands. Sometimes nothing is better for the soul than just making a little music!  

Lastly, I enjoy some downtime just laying in a hammock. I have a small collection of Eno's and other miscellaneous hammocks that provide a fun way for me to just stop, be outside, and breathe. Sometimes it's with a good book, sometimes it's watching some Netflix on the cell phone, and other times it's just taking a nap. Nevertheless, it's always one of the best ways to spend an afternoon...well, when it's not 115 degrees outside, that is!