Jasper GA

EMPLOYED FROM February 2012 - July 2012


  • Encouraged residents to grow in their walk with Christ.
  • Promoted self-confidence and a strong self image in each resident.
  • Lived in and cared for kids / teens in a home that accepted boys from ages 6 to 19 with as many as 6 residents within the home.
  •  Responsible for daily operation of the entire household including, but not limited to:
    • Planning and preparing meals, purchasing groceries, supervising and assisting in cleanliness of the home, meeting state standards for childcare policies and procedures, etc.
    • Responsible for daily devotions content and distinct discipleship plans for our residents
    •  Ensuring that all residents were actively a part of weekly worship services
    • Assigning household chores to residents and ensured their completion on a daily and weekly basis
    • Transporting residents on all outings and medical, school, personal, and other needs
    • Providing a supportive, loving, and stable parental figure within the home to each resident
    • Planning and performing family outings for tasks, entertainment, recreation, and unity building
    • Working with counselors to support and enhance residents emotional and psychological well being and a constant basis
    • Regularly screening all residents belongings to ensure compliance to rules and safety of the home
    • Implementing and maintaining discipline structure for the home as agreed on by staff
    • Maintaining daily log reports on each resident for in-house and state compliance
    • Corresponding with respite house parents to maintain unity and strength within the home while on leave
    • Communicating and reporting in length daily with the Ranch Director about incidents, discipline, rewards, and other noteworthy details of residents
    • Facilitating weekly house meetings both as a group and individually in order to build relationships and maintain house unity
    • Performing monthly fire drills and tested alarm systems
    • Controlling medication dispensing and kept detailed logs
    • Performing or reported routine home maintenance
    • Aiding in funding raising through speaking engagements and the creation of promotional materials
    • Monitoring curfews and house rules
    • Managing and monitoring free-time and activities for residents for recreation and hobbies
    • Attending school meetings, spoke with teachers, and met with administration to aid in education or in disciplinary instances
    • Appearing alongside residents at court dates as necessary
    • Maintaining and monitoring family correspondence to and from resident’s families
    • Adhering to a strict monthly spending composed of food and gas needs for the house as a whole
    • Helping residents establish and keep a weekly spending budget when applicable
    • Devoting countless hours to individual attention and personal needs of each resident in order to establish a relationship that would open the door to helping heal wounds and implement change.
    • Working hard to bring a struggling, non-compliant facility into complete state compliance through strict attention to the details of state law and complete adhesion to these rules daily




601 Moore RD, Jasper, GA 30143

(706) 377-2728







In addition to the same responsibilities listed in the houseparent position preceding this one, we:

  • Followed and enforced a system of discipline and structure mandated by the organization
  • Worked with night-staff and relief staff daily to maintain communication on issues pertaining to the teens
  • Communicated regularly with Case Managers, Probation Officers, and Human Service Personnel for each resident regarding behavior and disciplinary problem
  • Attended regular staff meetings and completed over 40 hours of training pertinent to job responsibilities
  • Became CPR certified
  • Maintained large volumes of daily paperwork and records pertaining to each resident
  • Cooked and served a specific food menu daily that met all standards and was completely compliant with the USDA
  • Managed residents with highest level behavioral disorders capable of living within a home environment according to state standards
  • Administered highly controlled medications to residents per doctors orders and monitored residents suffering from disease or other conditions that required further medical intervention daily




1109 Mt Zion RD, Dalton, GA 30721

(706) 277-4883

PLEASE CONTACT: Aubrey Simmons