My Role As An IT Specialist

Employed from: July 2017 to Present

  • Promoted into IT role shortly after initial hire (hired as a Parent Aide to serve in a social services role but promoted as a result of the organization learning of the technical capabilities)
  • Manage computer and technology support for over 35 offices and nearly 250 employees
  • Troubleshoot software, hardware, and network issues for end users (employees)
  • Perform hardware maintenance, upgrades, and repairs as needed on personal computers, printers, etc.
  • Add, delete, archive, and maintain user accounts through use of Active Directory, 365Command, and Office 365
  • Deploy operating systems and initial software for new users
  • Train all company new hires in person and remotely in basic IT functions needed for their role
  • Maintain servers and end user software to ensure correct operation and navigate various software and firmware updates
  • Set up networks and phone systems for new and transitioning offices
  • Install all hardware and wiring within facilities as needed
  • Monitor all networks and databases company wide
  • Demonstrate proficiency and support for a multitude of software and online platforms including but not limited to: Microsoft products (Windows 7/10, Windows Server, Office Word/Powerpoint/Excel/Skype/Teams/Admin, AD, Azure, etc.), Mac, Android, Quickbase, Quickbooks, Citrix, 365Command, Virtual Machines, VPN, Spiceworks, etc.
  • Inventory all organizational IT assets
  • Overnight travel to support offices on site as needed throughout the state
  • Assist A/V operations for presentations
  • Additional information for consideration:
    • Acquired fingerprint clearance card
    • Maintained a corporate credit card & reported expenditures monthly
    • Provided clean driving record & regularly operated corporate rentals
    • Completed social services internal & state required training to perform initial Parent Aide role




1779 N. Alvernon Way

tucson, AZ 85712

(800) 678-0648