To do the work of others is slavery. To do the work of God is true liberation.
— Anonymous

I spent many years running from the call of God to pastor His people. I found that every moment spent in selfish attempts at gain was worthless. In the 8 years since I've fully surrendered to that call, I've experienced the love and power of Christ in ways that I cannot fully explain here. He has given me many gifts and talents to help edify the body of Christ and I've found great joy in learning to use those gifts for His glory.

In the years since, I've learned that the call to ministry is a lifestyle and one that can be lived out within the walls of employment with a ministry organization or church, or outside those walls. The bottom line is that I'm called to love and pastor those who belong to the body of Christ and reach those who don't. I'm surrendered to whatever that looks like and strive not to make ministry an idol in my life. 

Of this much I am certain, the body of Christ isn't intended to operate on their own. They must be reliant on the power of Christ for all direction and growth. I'm convinced that I must be reliant on this power in my own life before all else and ministry must flow out of that reliance. If that occurs while I'm working at a church or cleaning toilets at the local high school, I'm okay with that. I'm merely called to love and engage where ever I am.

If you're looking at this and considering me for a role in the work of ministry, please know that I am humbled by your consideration. While I make no claims to greatness outside of the work of Christ, I am aware that through Christ, I have been able to make an eternal impact on the lives of many I have been given the privilege to pastor. Should God lead me to use those gifts and talents alongside you, I would be overjoyed to play my part on your team.

Should you have any further questions upon reviewing my work history, please don't hesitate to contact me.

God Bless.