• Worked to establish a student ministry for a 65 year old church who had never endeavored a student ministry in it's past
  • Built strong core relationships with students who already attended the church and planned and executed numerous events to help students engage with one another to form an identity as a completely new group
  • Grew the ministry within the scope of a detailed and intentional strategy for healthy long-term growth and depth
  • Student attendance reflected between 15-20% of adult attendance and was poised for a much larger growth curve in coming months
  • Planned and executed DNOW discipleship events to catalyze growth
  • Preached and lead small group discussions with the group on a weekly basis
  • Took a team of students and leaders to Nicaragua to encourage personal and spiritual growth while developing a heart for servant leadership
  • Developed a custom website for the church from scratch
  • Created media for implementation in all facets of the church - from weekend services, announcements, to social media
  • Handled technical development for the church in custom lighting, sound, and stage design
  • Created video content for services
  • Served in the worship team on the drums
  • Maintained a weekly presence on the main stage for announcements, prayer, and transitions
  • Preached regularly for the main (adult) services 
  • Participated strongly in the hiring of new staff and the training and development of children's workers



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  • Built student ministry from the ground up. Church had stepped away from traditional student ministry due to a previous moral failure that touched on the student pastor's family. It had been reduced to a very low-key, volunteer-lead small group that attracted roughly a dozen students.
  • Averaged over 200 students in weekly attendance at the time of my resignation
  • Student attendance reflected between 11-13% of adult attendance (adult attendance averaged between 1200-1600 adults & total weekly attendance averaged between 2000-2500)
  • Increased student programming incrementally from a once a month gathering, to a bi-weekly gathering with small groups on the off-weeks, to a weekly gathering, and finally to 3 weekly services: 2 Middle School services each Sunday and 1 High School service every Wednesday night
  • Recruited, built, trained, and equipped a volunteer team of over 60 people 
  • Cultivated relationships with parents through "parent night" meetings, emails, letters, and blog posts
  • Carried 100% of the preaching load until the hire of an Associate Student Minister, whom I was charged to cultivate. From that point forward, he and I shared the preaching load equally.
  • Set a yearly teaching calendar based on 8 essential teaching structures directly derived from the church's core values and the vision statement for students. I established these structures as a result of analyzing our teen culture's needs in light of our values. All of our series were built out of them as a way of ensuring that we were strategically accomplishing our mission every year.
  • Built every teaching series as original content with each series uniquely themed from graphics, to stage, and environments
  • Established a small group structure to facilitate peer-to-peer and student-to-leader relationships (Middle School met during services and High School met off campus in homes during the week) (55-65% of our High School group were involved in an off campus small group)
  • Wrote small group curriculum alongside each series
  • Began a student leadership team that allowed for high schoolers to serve as leaders in middle school services and prepped middle school students for leadership as well
  • Worked to create and build a student band as I set standards for excellence and provided vision and oversight to the leadership
  • Helped establish a presence on school campuses by raising up high school students to voluntarily create and lead bible clubs after school hours that allowed us onto campus to aid them in facilitation
  • Programmed Middle School services to include live worship, interactive hosting, an element of fun, creative and concise teaching, and small group time to reflect on the teaching
  • Programmed High School services to include live worship with a full band, interactive hosting, an element of fun, and in depth, creative teaching
  • Organized and led an overnight retreat (DNOW style) in year 1 that took 96 teenagers and 20 leaders off campus to catalyze both discipleship and unity among the new group
  • Organized and led a full week of summer camp at a facility we exclusively rented for the use of our students in years 2 and 3. We saw 137 students attend our first year and 173 students in our second year. 120 students gave their life to Christ at camp between both years. The theme, teaching, planning, activities, and production were all original and designed by myself and my team.
  • Sought out and participated in creative promotional opportunities to gain presence on local school campuses
  • Guest spoke for FCA services on school campuses
  • Preached for our adult weekend services with regularity (as many as 5 services in a weekend at a time) (please see the "See Me Preach" section of the website to see some of my messages and preview my teaching style)
  • Created and led a Young Adults Small Group for the joint purpose of creating a culture from which I could identify potential student leaders and in order to establish a healthy "hand-off" ministry for graduating seniors. Details on this young adult small group include:
    • Growth from 8 individuals at one table to a weekly attendance of 60 or more at 4 tables
    • A leadership team of 8 people who facilitated the small group conversations after showing teaching curriculum
    • Identified and enabled 3 different communicators, other than myself, who could lead in a time of live teaching and in so doing, cultivate their own pastoral gifts
    • Built a heart for serving in all areas of our church and young adults served as the serving backbone of the church
    • Challenged young adults to lead in community outreach by identifying and meeting practical needs (We subsequently fed thousands in a local impoverished community and were given responsibility for the care of outreach at an at-risk neighborhood in downtown Atlanta through a partnership with the Atlanta Dream Center)
  • Assumed the role of family pastor for a season after the loss of our children's pastor. During this time, I 
    • Assumed leadership of 4 kids ministry employees and worked rigorously with them to correct issues in programming, set standards of excellence with kids ministry, review our curriculum structure, correct other outstanding issues
    • Was responsible for the lives and care of over 1000 people between children, students, and the volunteers necessary to facilitate them
    • Increased volunteer satisfaction and engagement through multiple team meetings and individual meetings and by establishing systems to display appreciation
    • Ushered in a new check-in system that was much more user friendly and drastically decreased check-in time
    • Helped the ministry transition into our new kids building as they move from having 7 rooms to facilitate our kids ministry to 18 rooms (Included troubleshooting all logistics, putting plans together for programming, and training our staff to lead in a new way)
    • Sought out and hired a design firm to bring unique theming to all of the kids rooms, lobbies, and shared spaces 
  • Performed multiple weddings and funerals at all scales from very quaint to exceptionally large
  • Counseled teenagers and parents as crisis came up pertaining to student ministry
  • Provided pastoral care for adult attendees with regularity that included pre-marital and post-marital counseling needs
  • Certified in Prepare-Enrich pre-marital counselling 



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  • Brought stability to a disjointed youth group that was in danger of complete collapse due to violence and gang activity within the youth group itself through the following methods:
    • Separated the Middle and High School students into individual functioning youth groups to meet students with relevant teaching and opportunities to successfully build relationships between students and leaders – Outcome: Both segments became dramatically less chaotic and better behaved and we saw a large increase in retention of high schoolers who remained in the program through their Senior year.
    • Implemented a variety of off-campus weekly small groups in our High School program and a weekly on-campus small group in Middle School – Outcome: Established a core of students and began to see ownership of the youth group taken as vision was continually cast for the future and effectiveness of student-lead ministry.
    • Established a security team through a temporary hiring of an off-duty police officer and a long term identifying and equipping of security leaders to establish a safe and protected environment for our students – Outcome: Gang and drug activity disappeared completely. Services became easily managed with a smaller number of necessary volunteers at a higher effectiveness level. The core of students felt secure and did not leave the youth group, but rather rose up and took control of its identity as their own.
    • Placed a systematic method of discipleship by determining what the irreducible minimum was that our specific students must be taught and then strategically building a yearly set of series to address these specific issues. Outcome: Saw our students grow dramatically in their relationship with Christ. Our leadership watched students making positive decisions in their daily lives. Saw excitement generated as tough, but relevant topics were dealt with at their level.
    • Sought out and raised up leaders to be strategic in teenagers’ lives through leading small groups, managing one-on-one time, and interacting in various capacities inside our youth group settings. Outcome: Teenagers built lasting relationships with multiple leaders bringing stability to their lives even when a leader had to move on as their life circumstances may have changed. Leaders lives were enhanced as part of the process and were better prepared for further church serving positions as they had experienced equipping in small group leadership and mentoring.
  • Built from scratch all necessary materials 4eto support each individual small group lesson and sermon series. This included graphic design for series introduction slides and promotions, PowerPoint layouts for all sermon series, small group materials and questions to coordinate with each series, and taping and editing of creative videos for announcements and sermon illustrations.
  • Prepared and delivered customized messages to Middle and High School audiences weekly at least 80% of the time. I utilized other time to equip and encourage leaders, as well as students, to participate in preparing and delivering messages or sharing testimonies based on the topics currently being addressed.
  • Lead a team of students and adults to the mission field in Nicaragua two years in a row. We took a team of 30 and 26 members each year respectively. This included but was not limited to: Creating, Planning, and Organizing Fundraisers, Preparing and Equipping various service teams (i.e.: Medical, Drama, Construction, etc), Planning and Coordinating with the foreign missionaries for itineraries and needs, Hosting Vacation Bible School, Handling group finances, and much more.
  • Organized regular team and creative meetings between my volunteer base to encourage, create bonds, and inspire creativity within the youth group and the leaders themselves.
  • Established a calendar of events for each of our programs that included opportunities for kids to have fun, build healthy friendships, and serve the world around them with the Love of Christ in many different and creative ways every month.
  • Organized a partnership with local crisis pregnancy centers and a maternity home to both generate a heart for teen expectant mom’s among our teens and help identify and provide for the needs of teen mom’s within the scope of our youth group’s ministry. This included regular service projects for the maternity home, creative fundraising for all of the organizations, and a weekly small group that met in maternity home with a mix of their enrollees and our teenage girls and female leaders. As a result, we saw an increased awareness in our teens for the needs of teen moms, the importance of purity, and a genuine love for the gift of life for a child.
  • Preached regularly in rotation with our main church services. This covers a base of three weekend services and an overall audience of around 600 attendees. I maintained and delegated youth activities and services to my leadership during these weeks. DVD’s of these services are available upon request or videos may be viewed on my Facebook page.
  • Also served as the Young Adult Director for six months to continue to expand the program. The young adult small group was one I launched before coming on staff with COTC with the help of a friend, who is the Spiritual Growth Director. I led the small group, alongside my wife, for over a year before coming on staff. We targeted ages 18-35. After helping grow it beyond the bounds of a typical small group, I helped launch it into its own Thursday night program. At this time, I was asked to take over and help it establish:
    • Standard weekly programming and teaching via small groups and preaching 
    • A worship experience tailored to the young adult audience we maintain
    • A heart for service through a “Servolution” mindset with all types of outside of the box service ideas and opportunities
    • Regular events and opportunities for the young adults to spend time together and build relationships outside the walls of the church
  • Developed and maintained promotions through Facebook and other forms of media to reach and support our students and leaders.
  • Aided in the counting and balancing of incoming tithes and offerings for all weekly services.




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PLEASE CONTACT: Stan Pavkovich