I am highly gifted and take a lot of pleasure in the creative processes of marketing, programming, and anything that involves group or individual problem solving.


I have been given an ability to illustrate and motivate through the composition of my vocabulary on a verbal, as well as written, basis. I have no fear of large audiences and seem to excel in presentations where I incorporate all aspects of my personality.


I am extremely proficient in all areas of technology including high levels of aptitude in PC and Mac hardware, software, web design, and video editing – as well as, home theater, car stereo, all forms of displays (television and projection), professional sound, and stage lighting.


I love processes that are simple and work efficiently. Therefore, I enjoy making my work environment and tasks make sense and become as easily accomplishable as possible for myself, my subordinates, and coworkers.


I have developed my talents in rhythm by way of traditional drums and percussion. I enjoy any chance to play, whether casually or with a band.


I have a heart for those in need. I believe it is something that allows me to identify with people right where they are and calls me to action to show love, compassion, and empathy where I can.