Hello. My name is Chris Steigerwalt and I love building teams.


I have devoted myself for years to truly understanding my niche and what really allows me to bring value to an organization. Those who know me well believe in me because I have a natural love of people and a God-given ability to understand their feelings and what makes them tick. My format of leadership is best unlocked when I am in a place where I am passionate about the cause. I deeply enjoy the opportunity to unlock the culture to use their gifts and talents to drive the cause forward. That’s because I love spaces where people are made to feel comfortable and engage their best. They feel heard and supported while given space to be creative and enthusiastic.

You’ll find that I am comfortable in my own skin, self-aware, and hyper-vigilant about the feelings and perceptions of those around me. I don’t want to merely be an employee or cog in the wheel, but a valuable part of the team. I believe others work best when leadership allows them to operate this same way. As a result, I am driven to be strategic and collaborative, which leaves me comfortable when the strengths of others are greater than my own. I believe this makes me an invaluable addition to any organization that needs to accomplish a mission much greater than the norm.

If you’re looking for a team member that can make your existing (and future) talent soar to greater heights, I would be excited to sit, talk, dream, and evaluate whether I would be the right fit to make that happen. I believe people are the key to success. In a world where leadership often struggles to tap into their greatest resource, I can help fill in those gaps.

Thanks for taking the time to consider me as a part of what you’re trying to accomplish. Please take the time to browse my website and understand much deeper what makes me unique. My professional experience in combination with my time in ministry demonstrates my ability to care for people while accomplishing a variety of goals. I hope what you find spawns further conversation and I look forward to getting to know your team.

Thanks again for your time.


Chris Steigerwalt



I've proven success within the marketplace and bring professionalism in banking, sales, customer service, and more.

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My Ministerial Background

I've devoted many years of my life to shaping the hearts and lives of teenagers, parents, young adults, and volunteers.

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